Cooking with Kids

CookingClassesForKidsChildren respond with a natural curiosity to food preparation and bring a delightful creativity to the kitchen! Promote the love of carefully prepared food, the joy of cooking and the confidence that comes from learning cooking skills early in life.

Children ages under 8

  • 1.5 hour classes
  • 3 week class
  • Customized to experience level
  • Limited to 4 children

Children ages 8-10

  • 2.5 hour classes
  • 4 week class
  • Class includes all food, measuring spoons and a chef’s hat!
  • Limited to 6 children

Children ages 10-12

  • 2.5 hour classes
  • 4 week classes Week 4 will be two nights in a row- last night dinner with parents
  • Class includes all food, measuring spoons and a chef’s hat!
  • Class “graduation” includes a specially prepared dinner for the parents
  • Limited to 6 children

Cooking Classes as a Birthday Party Event
Your home or my kitchen, limited to 8 children, customized to suit your party theme, time frame and budget.

In-home Family Cooking Classes

Family cooking with Fresh Ideas by Suzanne is a custom designed class to suit the needs of your family and is intended to promote the love of cooking in your children. Family cooking and the sharing of home cooked meals in an age-old bonding experience that families have enjoyed since the beginning of time.

All classes include instruction on:

Culinary Basics

  • handling knives – careful use with proper respect and safety
  • food safety and handling
  • proper table setting
  • how to follow written recipes
  • measuring and weighing
  • grocery shopping – and “hands-on” field trip to the store
  • cooking and baking techniques
  • life long skills needed to cook and use the kitchen

We will touch on important, related topics such as:

  • healthy food choices and alternatives
  • making roux to basic nutrition
  • cuisines from around the world
  • healthy snacks and lunches
  • gardening in Jackson
  • recycling

Each student will start their own recipe book and passport book.

Children may bring their own knives from home kitchen and utensils they are interested in using.

Students must wear closed toed shoes and an apron recommended.

Long hair is to be pulled back.

Please advise if your child has food allergies.

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